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Loop Nylon, Printed & Laminate Display Boards

Display boards are commonly used in schools, waiting areas and receptions. All of which have leaflets, notices and other important information included that can be viewed with ease.

The display board has been known to make its way into an exhibition hall, to add another dimension to a stand space. Available in the form of loop nylon, laminate or a customised print.

Over the years, the loop nylon finish has been a popular choice as it’s cost effective, easy to use and displays can be changed regularly. Loop nylon accepts Velcro fixings, making the adjustments of information swift and simple.

Branching out and looking for a display board alternative will spark new ideas and new ways to make the most of your new displays.

Printed Display Boards

Design and print your custom design onto a display board of your choice. It’s as simple as using the display board as a blank canvas, enabling the logo and images to create a display board to represent your brand.

How to use printed display boards

Unlike the loop nylon displays, the information you choose to have printed is a permanent solution and should be considered with care. The printed finish also shows the board in a highly professional fashion and can be made use of in different ways.

–          As an office divider or office notice board

–          At an exhibition as part of the stand design

–          Within a school display or reception

Laminate Display board

Easy clean white board and display board all one!

A unique white gloss laminate display board comes with multiple uses, therefore suitable for a whole host of workplaces & environments.

In addition to the easy clean surface, the white gloss laminate accept whiteboard pens so is a fantastic choice for meetings, teaching and even as a leader board at an event of exhibition.

All 3 of the finishes provide a versatile display solution that will support most needs in a range of places. Discover the full sizes, colours and variations to select and construct the right display option for you.

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