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What does the IPv4 shortage mean for companies?

Internet Protocol addresses or IP addresses are required for the operation of certain protocols such as the ICMP Echo Request and ICMP Relay over Toll system, to name a few. An IP address is a unique numerical label assigned to every device connected to the computer network, which makes use of the Internet Protocol for network communication. IP addresses can be used in various methods like wireless networks, VoIP networks and internal corporate networks.

IPv4 addresses – or first generation addresses – are exclusively allocated to a particular network and changing it can be done only by initiating a new IP address with the help of the internet protocol. Every time you log on to the internet you are actually transferring data to your ISP’s router which is located at the other end. Similarly, every time when you make a phone call to another user you are actually using an IP address to identify yourself and your specific number within the phone company’s system.

Unique numerical codes 

Due to this unique feature IP addresses are quite important for all users. This feature has made the internet much more secure. However, these days with more people making use of the internet on a daily basis, IP addresses have seen a drastic change. One of the reasons for this change is because the technology was not enough to handle the increase in internet traffic. The large amount of internet traffic resulted in an overload of available IP addresses and thus IP address manipulation became possible. Those who are well versed in the internet and computer technology would know that whenever you visit a website, the IP address of the site is sent back to the server.

IPv4 address shortage

Since the server can’t use all of its possible IP addresses for every request, it needs to limit the number it can send to every device. But with more people making use of their computers everyday more IP addresses are getting assigned to different devices. Since internet protocol addresses are unique to each internet-connected device the process of assigning them to different devices has run into a major flaw. The 32-bit addresses were limited in their capacity to meet the current demand for networking access. In short: there are no new IPv4 addresses to allocate. As a company, this can have major consequences since your networks rely on available IPv4 addresses. The trade in IP addresses consequently flourished. 

Buying IPv4 addresses

To buy IP address may be the solution many companies are currently seeking. This way, they’re able to bridge the gap between a current shortage and a migration to the new IPv6 addresses. In order to purchase IPv4 addresses from other parties, it’s advised to consult a specialized broker. Their position as mediator in the field and having a large network grants you significant advantages in your quest to buy IPv4 addresses.